Educational/informative newsletter (minimum 3-4 pages plus reference page)

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Create an Educational/informative newsletter (minimum 3-4 pages plus reference page)

Create a document, which informs and enlightens readers on different issues of Science and Scientific Thinking, preferably related to the content covered in our SCI110 course.

(Word has numerous standard newsletter templates to assist you)

The newsletter shall include at least 6 sections about the following subjects. These subjects should be related but not identical to the topics covered in the course. Apply your research skills.

  • A section on History of science
  • A section on Philosophy of science.
  • A section on Pseudoscience or Religion-Science
  • A section on Science and Politics or Science and society.
  • A section about a new discovery or advance in science
  • “my corner” “my side” “my thoughts” – in a short essay, giving the reader a personal opinion about something you have learned.

Sections can be presented in different formats: i.e. pictures, a story, info graphic, interview, article, informational, educational piece, article re-cap, quiz, history note, “did you know?” current event, local event, class, statistics, etc… You must use at least 4 different formats (you can’t use 6 articles, or 6 events, etc…)

Each newsletter shall include all the components outlined above. Feel free to be creative and have fun with the assignment. Include all references and citations on your reference page.