Texas Southern University Coldwater Tide Campaign & the Watts Model Exercises

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Verify that for the Oxygen Network the values of N = 7,064 and S = 30,608 imply that R = .769


2. Using the Watts’ Model estimate the number of new viewers generated by the Coldwater Tide

Campaign. Use N = 900,000 and R = 0.041


3. Apply your new viral marketing

model to the Tide Coldwater Campaign.


Determine the dependence of the spread of the video on the population size as the population

size varies between 10 and 100 million viewers.


For the Watts’ Model estimate the final number of viewers for Tom’s Petition.

This petition had

R = 0.58 and N = 22,582.


Suppose a fraction F<1 of people receiving your video view it, but a fraction 1

F do not look at

the video. How does this modify the Watts Model?