The Threats to validity

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                                            Threats to Validity

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  • As you have learned this week, validity of a study can be impacted in many ways. The focus this week has been on the validity of the data collected. Researchers want to ensure that the data collected actually gives a true picture of what is being measured. The course text demonstrates this concept through the counter example of using hat size to measure intelligence (Crosby, DiClemente, & Salazar, 2006). This is obviously not a valid measure of intelligence. When collecting data through surveys and self-reports, two issues need to be considered: Do the questions actually measure what they are supposed to measure, and how honestly are respondents likely to answer? Each of these considerations can also impact the validity of your data.

    With these thoughts in mind, reflect on your own research manuscript and the data set that you have been using.

    Post your response to the following:

    • Summarize your research manuscript topic and the type of data that you are analyzing.
    • What types of instruments were used to gather the data?
    • Explain how the type of instrument used could influence the outcome of your data.
    • What are the greatest threats to the validity of your study?