Biology question 3

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1.Consider humanity as the ultimate predator. Many, if not most of us, particularly in the United States, are quite comfortable with the harvesting of organisms like tuna, deer, ducks, or rabbits. Other countries and cultures; however, value species for food that rarely, if ever, find their way to the North American dinner plate. What are your thoughts on the harvesting of organisms such as whales, dolphins, seals, etc.? Is hunting the only major issue that might threaten the existence of these organisms? Should we limit ourselves to eating only certain organisms? Why, or why not? Feel free to do some independent research. write a post in couple sentences

2. I know in some areas like Alaska that harvesting control limits are strictly enforced on the times when hunting can happen and the numbers that can be harvested. Population density is the biggest factor on if a hunt can take place or not. AS has been happening recently in Alaska there have been large number of die off happening that scientists are trying to figure out. This is effecting different whale and seal populations. Many whales in other places have been found with bellies full of plastic trash. The trash that had been dumped over the years in the oceans has finally started coming back to bite humans in the rear. Agree or disagree to post within 2-3 sentences.

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