How to motivate learners

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Now it is your turn to apply some of these motivational concepts. For this discussion, you will need to post your initial thread before you will be able to see the posts of other students. This discussion is worth 5 points.

Read the Case Study: SPC Healthy Employee Initiative. In at least 300 words, including at least one peer-reviewed reference, address the following:

  • Using one of the models or theories discussed in this module (stages of change, health belief, self-efficacy, protection motivation, theory of reasoned action, etc.), provide a possible explanation for why staff were not participating in the campaign.
  • What motivational strategies did the human resources staff use in the “Let’s Get Healthy” campaign? Why do you think these strategies did not work?
  • Describe a different strategy that could better promote healthy behaviors among staff. For example, if a health education campaign was offered in conjunction with the “Let’s Get Healthy” campaign, would the results have been different? Explain.