AHS6630 Wilmington University Week 2 Outcomes Measurement Plan Paper

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Using the WilmU library database or value internet database, you must select a research article from established, professional, peer reviewed journals that reflects quantitative research relevant to human services that was conducted in the U.S. after 2002.

Only an article using quantitative research should be used, this means that the research should be using experiments and/or a survey to collect their data. Observations or Interviews are Qualitative Methods and need to be avoided. Ideally, the research should focus on intervention such as programs (no clinical trials) which have practical applications to programs delivered through human services organizations – including community-based, nonprofit, schools, public sector, or faith-based organizations. Only original quantitative research should be used; not on opinion, assessment or summary article of previous research.

*Tip: Try to build towards your final project by reviewing an article which can be used as a reference for your Outcomes Measurement Plan & Logic Model Final Project.

For this Assignment:

  • Use the attached form for analyzing the research.
  • Cite each article in APA format and provide a sufficient explanation to demonstrate that the research is quantitative.
  • Submit by end of the week Sunday 11:59 PM EST.

Resources for Assignment: