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Question 1Define and describe the integrated design approach to daylighting.

Note: This is an extended essay question. The response should be formatted in multi-paragraph essay with attention to essay structure, grammar mechanics, and APA formatting.

Question 2 Describe the various systems, technologies, and architecture involved in daylighting building design.

Question 3 Evaluate the economic advantages of daylighting for institutional and commercial buildings.

Question 4 Explain how good daylighting requires attention to both qualitative and quantitative aspects of design

Question 5 What are design recommendations to optimize daylighting efficiency

Question 6 Describe active solar space cooling.

Question 7 Describe desiccant and absorption systems for active solar space cooling systems.

Question 8 What are some considerations when implementing solar cooling applications?

Question 9 How does geothermal cooling work?

Question 10 What is the difference between active and passive solar collectors?

Question 11 What is a disadvantage of PV systems?

Question 12 Explain some of the limitations of using wind power as the sole source of electrical energy.

Question 13 Analyze the cost and benefit of wind power.