The University of Adelide Experiment 8F Reduction Oxidation Chemistry HW

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Question 1

a) Which metals from Table 8.1 are considered VERY ACTIVE (react with water and aqueous hydrochloric acid), MODERATELY ACTIVE (react with aqueous hydrochloric acid but not water) or have LOW ACTIVITY (do not react with either)?




b) For the metals that reacted with water and/or aqueous hydrochloric acid, write out an appropriate redox reaction equation and assign oxidation numbers to ALL elements (HINT: Use Equations 8.10 and 8.11 in your laboratory manual in order to guide you).

c) From your equations above, identify the species that are the oxidising agents and reducing agents in each redox reaction. Provide an explanation for your choices. (HINT: Think about the oxidation numbers of each element and how they change).

Question 2 a) Why do we not test each metal against a solution containing that metal? What would you observe if you did?

b) Using your results complete the following redox equations. If no reaction occurred, then write ‘no reaction’ like in Equation 8.8 of your laboratory manual. Mg(s) + Pb(NO3)2(aq) →

Pb(s) + MgSO4(aq) →
Equation 8.13

Equation 8.14 c) What is the oxidation number of magnesium on the left and right-hand sides of Equation 8.13? Has magnesium been oxidized or reduced? Explain your answer.

d) Explain the outcome of the reaction in Equation 8.14.

e) Complete the Metal Activity Series below by considering the numbers you wrote in the final column of Table 8.2 (ignore Metal ‘Pg’ for the moment).

> > Metal Pg > >
Most Easily Oxidised
Least Easily Oxidised

Question 3

a) Complete the Halide Activity Series below by considering the numbers you wrote in the final column of Table 8.3. (HINT: Refer to page 7 of your Manual for more information).

> >
Most Easily Reduced
Least Easily Reduced

b) From the Activity Series above, complete the following sentence:
″The ability to reduce elements in Group 17 _____________ as you go down the group.″

c) Based upon yours answers in Question 3a) and the periodic trend described in Question 3b), write out the full Halogen Activity Series below. Be sure to include Fluorine (F) and Astatine (At) in your answer.

> > > >
Most Easily Reduced
Least Easily Reduced