Using Ash in roads pavment

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I want this research to be about design and construction of road pavment by using ash material. Especially (fly ash)

I am taking transportation class and we have project about using wasted material such as fly ash in pavements.

I want this paper to focus on these following points:

1-History of using ash in pavement and what is the types of ash material

2-why do they use it and where do they use it in pavement?

3- the benefit cost of using ash instead of other waste materials and what is the environmantal benefits?.

4- what is the material properties?

5- what is the advantages and disadvantages?

I want to cover the subject from all sides

I have a project about waste materials that used in road pavement, And my part is doing search about ash material.

if you have any question, please contact me.


Times New Roman; size:12: Single space

I will upload a file with sources that I want you please to USE 5 OR 6 OF them in my paper.