Biological Influences on Human Behaviour

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Biological Influences on Human Behaviour (Biology)

The textbook used: John P.J. Pinel. Biopsychology (2014) Pearson Education Inc.

Questions: a), b), c)

total 1000 words

a) Research and analyse the similarities and differences between how hormones and neurotransmitters bring about physiological changes and human behaviour.

*Note to writers on Question a:

– what are neurotransmitter and hormones

-what is the function/roles of neurotransmitter and hormones

– where are neurotransmitter and hormones locate at? the origin

– state the similarities and differences in the function in how do they operate. (this is the most important part)

b) Apart from neurotransmitters and hormones, apply critical thinking to examine human behaviour from the environmental perspective by discussing two (2) environmental factors that have shown to have significant influence on human behaviour. Support your discussion with findings from research studies. (*Note to write: Focus on the environmental factors).

*Notes to writers on Question b:

– examples of environmental factors are cultural, race, upbringing, lifestyle, food, religion etc…

c) Based on the discussion for question (b), recommend the implications on social work practice

Note to Writer:

– there are 3 questions

– words in red coloured are the main important things to note

– APA citation

– please give as many references