Darwin’s theory of organic evolution and its relationship to uniformitarianism, geology homework help

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  • Discuss Darwin’s theory of organic evolution and its relationship to uniformitarianism.
  • Color is not a good physical property to identify minerals. For example, feldspars can be a variety of colors. Explain why this is so. What can the color tell you about the mineral?
  • What is Walther’s Law? Why is it important?
  • Distinguish between a stable isotope and an unstable isotope.
  • How do oxygen isotopes in the skeletons of marine organisms provide a record of past ocean temperatures?
  • What are sedimentary structures? How can they be used to interpret geologic history?
  • What are “oozes”? Why are carbonate oozes not found in deep marine deposits?
  • Distinguish between the various types of metamorphism.
  • Why is it important to identify unconformities when correlating different stratigraphic columns?
  • Compare prokaryotes to eukaryotes.
  • What is evolutionary convergence? Give an example.
  • Explain how the concept of punctuated equilibrium accounts for the origin of new species. Compare this with phyletic gradualism

I need each question to be answered in complete sentences. Thanks!