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This is Presentation about

Autonomous Car

I need it 10 slides. included video and pic

here is example

Today world is running behind the time and the technology improves rapidly along with the time, so the topic of self-driving cars is introduced. By this we can save the time and we can do other works (for ex. Office work etc).While travelling without concentrating on driving the car. Many of us use cars everyday but unlike aero planes which have been flying on autopilot for decades cars are still driven manually just the way they were driven 100 years ago this talk will introduce the trans-formative concept of a self-driving car. Self-driving cars are expected to improve the load safety and mobility of those who currently cannot use conventional vehicles and better comfort to consumer. In this we discuss the self-driving cars (i.e. autonomous).

A self-driving car is capable of sensing its environment and navigation without human input to accomplish this task the vehicle is usually outfitted with a GPS unit, inertial navigation system and a range of sensor including laser range finder radars and video. The majority of self-driving cars are capable of making intelligent division by maintaining on internal map of their world using GPS system.

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