Renewable Fuel Sources in The Appalachian Region Research Paper

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we need to ensure that we have enough availability in terms of wind, solar, hydro, and thermal energy. 

  • Wind energy may not be able to go directly into our “grid” due to high variability in wind speeds, but it could be used to directly power a piece of equipment, making this useful
  • we are focusing on the West Virginia region, and neighboring states in necessary for energy and fuels

Questions to be answered in the research:

  1. How much wind energy is currently available in the region? In other words, what is the capacity as of now for wind energy?
  2. Are there any future locations or sources of wind energy in the region that we have not utilized as a state? Not in preserved land areas…
  3. What is the current power demand in the state? What is the breakdown of usage (residential, commercial, etc)? What is the breakdown of energy sources (i.e. what is the percentage of coal, natural gas, solar, wind, etc currently)?

It has to be PEER REVIEWED ARTICLE. Write the title of the article and the source beneath it. Summarize the main idea of each article in a way that is easy to be followed.