The University of Alabama Infrastructure Development Report

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This MUST be turned in as a SINGLE PDF

!!! So generate in WORD and save as a PDF. Or any other way you want to generate PDF. BUT ALL questions are to be answered on the same PDF and the PDF will be attached to your HW submission and in fact, the PDF IS you only homework submission. For in class activities you will use comments box but in the HW you will use only a single PDF attachment and NO comment box entries. Given that this is being provided early, it will be updated by August 29. But to give you a head start and allow you to ask questions in class about the process, the first questions are provided here.

FIRST READ CHAPTER 1 of your text

Question 1: Go to Pick a state. Look at its infrastructure report

. report what their overall rating was and which areas posed the most issues for them. Look back at previous report cards to see if that area has improved or worsened. Comment on why you think this state has had an issue with this particular area of infrastructure. You must provide a total of 3-5 senetces answering this question.

Question 2: Pick a particular area of infrastructure (i.e. schools or bridges). at the national level. What was the grade? Describe several of the specific issues that are causing that infrastructure to under perform be very specific. Provide about 1/5-1/4 page repsonse to this question

Question 3: Go to Look up your major (note some you have to search for using the site search tool). Click on that majorIf it does not have your major pick the closest and explain why how you made that choice. What is the expected growth rate in that field and how does in compare to engineering/architecture fields overall. Why do you believe the growth rate is average (same as overall) or better or worse? Provide a 3-5 sentence response.

Question 4: Once you have selected your major (or a substitute), read the full set of info on the site about that degree field and discuss ONE interesting fact that you did not know about that field before you read this website. Provide a three to five sentence response.