Week 1: Scientific Method Questions

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Read the article “Specialized Bird Perch Aids Cross-Pollination” (http://www.readcube.com/articles/10.1038/435041a) about how scientists conducted an experiment to examine the effect of a plant perch on bird pollination. Answer the questions regarding how this article relates to the scientific method. Answers should be in complete sentences utilizing proper grammar and punctuation.

  • What is the hypothesis of the research? (5 pts)
  • What would be a possible null hypothesis? (5 pts)
  • Do you think the scientists use inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning to develop the hypothesis? (3 pts)
  • Describe the experiment the scientists performed. Make sure you talk only about the experiment, not the results or conclusions. (5 pts)
  • What was the independent variable in this experiment? (4 pts)
  • What was the dependent variable in this experiment? (4 pts)
  • What was the treatment of the experiment? (4 pts)
  • Did the scientist use a control group? If so, what was the control group? (5 pts)
  • Briefly describe the results (only) of the experiment. (5 pts)
  • Based on the results, did the scientists reject their null hypothesis? Why or why not? (5 pts)
  • Did the scientists follow the scientific method? Explain why or why not. (5 pts)

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