Documenting Technology in the Life of a Community, homework help

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Documenting Technology in the Life of a Community

Explore your community to discover how technology is part of daily life. Consider such things as how people travel from place to place in your community, how they work, what they do as leisure activities, and even how the government in its public safety role might be part of daily life where you live.

  • Use a camera to document the ways that businesses, organizations, and homeowners use technology. Take at least 6 photos that show technology in use in your community.
  • Use the photos you have taken to create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates your discoveries about technology and life in your community. Write a brief caption or explanation on each slide.
  • Slide 1 — Title slide: introduces your community by city, state, and neighborhood
  • Slides 2-7 (or more, you wish) show technology in use in your community
  • Slide 8 (or whatever your final slide is numbered) summarizes your take on the way that technology is part of life in your community.
  • IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to show a person using the technology that you are documenting in your community. However, if you do photograph people, you must get the release form located in DocSharing signed first. You will need to upload an image of that signed release form with your Assignment in the Unit 4 Assignment
  • No reference slide is required for this Assignment unless you include material or ideas that you obtained from a source outside the course materials. Dropbox.