the features of Therapsids, journal entry help

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It is now time to submit your unit journal entries. You should include all the journal entries you made in this unit. They include:

Journal: Transitional Groups
Journal: Teaching Evolution
Journal: Evolution In Action
Journal: Reproductive Isolation
Journal One: Evolution: Descent with Modification, page 4

Transitional Groups

Using information found on the Internet, describe the features of Therapsids that suggest this group was transitional to reptiles and mammals.

Journal Two:  Evolution: Descent with Modification, page 6

Teaching Evolution

Follow the link to read more about teaching evolution in the classroom. After you have read the information presented, consider this question: Is there a credible scientific theory that opposes evolution?

Journal Three: Evolution: Evolution and Genetics, page 2

Evolution in Action

Click here and write a summary of this online article. Focus on the question: Does this indicate evolution in action?

Journal 4: Evolution:  Evolution and Genetics, page 6

Reproductive Isolation

Consider the reproductive isolating mechanisms described above. Do any of these apply to human beings? Write a few paragraphs in your notebook on this topic.