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1) Provide the Type 2 (11 items) of testing programs (p. 155-156) for a satellite (40 pts). 2) During environmental qualification, satellites undergo acoustic testing. Describe what it is and how it works (60 pts). Note: There is a vast amount of information from NASA on this subject. The objective is (a) to identify the relevant Type 2 tests in a specific domain (in this case space flight) and (b) learn as much as you can about a certain (very interesting) test. Cut-n-paste from reports, websites, etc is unacceptable. If you happen to use any sources, please cite them properly in IEEE format. I expect just a listing and understanding of what each test is and its application to satellite testing (for item #1) and full comprehension of the acoustic tests (for item #2). Submission Instructions: Please type up your solutions. No handwritten solutions will be accepted

Note: please write as much as possible relevant to that questions and check the attachment too.