Student Discussion Assignment

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As with the skeleton, muscles are organized into the axial and appendicular musculature. The axial muscles provide movement, support, and protection to the axial skeleton, while the primary responsibility of the appendicular muscles is to provide movement to the upper and lower limbs.

Similar to Week 6, the overall learning objective for Week 7 in the laboratory course is to identify and describe the superficial muscles on your body as well as the movement they produce. More specifically, we will work to identify and describe the antagonists of the major prime mover muscles. To successfully complete this assignment, first read the following exercise from the Laboratory Manual: Exercise 13: Gross Anatomy of the Muscular System.

Student Discussion Assignment

  1. Briefly identify, list, and describe the action of at least two of the following muscle types:
  2. Briefly identify and list antagonists of the major prime movers associated with each muscle described above.

Write your responses in a minimum of 250 words in APA format and include your references.


Marieb, E. N., Smith, L. A. (2016). Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual, Fetal Pig Version, 12th Edition. [South University]. Retrieved from…