describe the role of an informatics how an informatics nurse contributes to patient care quality, homework help

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Question 1:In your own words, describe the role of an informatics nurse. Explain how an informatics nurse contributes to patient care quality. How the development of informatics has helped address the concerns about patient safety raised in the “To Err Is Human” report. Summarize how informatics has assisted in improving health care safety in your organization and areas where growth is still needed.

Reference idea:

Murphy, J. (2011). The nursing informatics workforce: Who are they and what do they do? Nursing Economics, 29(3), 150-3. Retrieved from…

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Role of the informatics nurse

Putting it into my own words I would have to say that an informatics nurse is someone that helps to make sense of the chaos that is healthcare. Being a nurse or a nurse practitioner a person may have an understanding of what the trends are in their own patient caseload however informatics nurses can help us to gain an understanding of the trends and concerns of the; department, the hospital, the entire system or even the entire country. Informatics nurses can drive patient care safety by identifying weaknesses and inconsistencies in care and driving the changes needed to improve (Murphy, 2011). The role involves gathering information and putting it into a format to where it can be understood and used to create a better health care system.

Informatics and care quality and patient safety

The “To err is human” report helped to identify patient safety concerns and the healthcare system is using informatics to develop new evidence-based practice that will cut down on the ninety eight thousand deaths yearly caused by errors (Stelfox, Palmisani, Scurlock, Oray, & Bates, 2006). Information and education is the key to success in patient care and using informatics we can make healthcare more efficient and safer for our patients. Nursing informatics is bridging the gaps between all aspects of care from chief nursing officers to the educators teaching the next generation. By the sharing of all of the current information we can stay ahead of the trends in healthcare to ensure our patients are receiving the best care.

Informatics in my organization

The healthcare system I am a part of uses informatics to drive our initiatives that are developed yearly and monthly. Each year we look back on the prior year and search for deficiencies that can be improved upon to drive our yearly goals. We also do this on a monthly and weekly basis to address concerns that arise in the departments. Recently we used informatics to improve our patient safety, and staff safety in our psychiatric emergency department. Specifically we addressed the intake process of our patients into the department because we had several issues with patients acting out and putting people in danger. Behavioral emergencies include; suicidal patients, substance abuse patients, panic attacks, delusional disorders, violence and extreme behaviors to name a few and these patients can put themselves and others in danger with their erratic behavior (Saddichha, & Vibha, 2011). Using informatics we were able to go over how other systems were intaking patients across the country as well as their rates of success in avoiding safety issues. By having this information we were able to look at our capabilities based on our resources and develop a system that was based on evidence to help reduce safety concerns in our department. Within the last six months we have had zero safety incidences occur within the department which is down from the over ten instances we had in the previous six months before the changes were implemented.


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