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Step One: find a news item from Chicago Sun Times (No later than the year of 2014) that is somehow related to eugenics. The article might report on past eugenics practices, or it might be an example of a eugenics idea (i.e., forced sterilization, biological determinism, etc.) being promoted today, or even someone expressing his/her opinion that is an example of eugenics or anti-eugenics thinking.

Step Two: post the link and write a paragraph in which you explain how the news item relates to eugenics. Your paragraph should make it clear why you believe the article relates to eugenics, and how it relates to eugenics. You must also provide support for why/how you think it relates to eugenics (it is not enough to say “it is about eugenics because the law proposes to limit the number of immigrants entering the US”). You need to explain why that is related to eugenics and why eugenecists might support such a law. Make sure you have a solid understanding of what eugenics is before attempting the assignment. Note that this assignment is not about finding evidence to support/refute eugenics thinking; instead it is supposed to test whether you understand what eugenics is and can recognize pro or anti- eugenics thinking today.