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Interventions to reduce medication administration errors in health care settingEach group will use their chosen research question and put into PICO format.Each group member will search, retrieve, and receive approval (by faculty) for 1 PRIMARYRESEARCH ARTICLE to answer the group Research Question.Paper should include a Title and Reference pages.Page Length: 3-4 pages Excluding Title and Reference pagesThe paper will include the following headings (in bold):Clinical Question Describe problem Overview/Significance of problem in terms of outcomes or statistics Your PICOT question  Purpose of your paperLevel of Evidence Type of question asked Best evidence found to answer question      Search Strategy Search terms Databases used: Chamberlain Database Refinement decisions made Identification of most relevant articleFormat Correct grammar and spelling Use of headings for each section Use of APA format (7th edition)Required to write the paper based on PAPER FORMAT Refers to Grading Rubric in page 3