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Analyze how you have met the course objectives and present your analysis in at least 20 PowerPoint slides with a slides notes. Discuss the objectives thoroughly and summarize what you have learned, how you have met the objectives, and potential future studies. Support your discussion with references.  The Course is Healthcare Systems.Use graphic designs to include in the presentation. Your PowerPoint must include Slide Notes.The PowerPoint Presentation should include:1) At least 20 slides in length (excluding the title and reference slide)2) A title slide3) An introductory slide4) Critical analysis5) A conclusion slide6) All references are in APA style and the slides are presented with a voiceoverCourse DescriptionStudents examine healthcare systems and their effects on the health of populations. The purpose of this course is to bring the student up-to-date on significant developments that have occurred in the American healthcare system. Students explore the widespread penetration of managed care with its service management and cost control strategies. Topics include systems/theory thinking, case management, health policy, the interrelatedness of elements within healthcare systems, and strategies to influence systems.Course ObjectivesUpon completing this course you will be able to:1) Analyze the structure of today’s healthcare delivery system, both public and private2) Extrapolate the major imperatives of the healthcare system today3) Summarize the general financial models which underpin the payment systems4) Synthesize the impact of demographic trends on the burden of diseases within the United States5) Evaluate the trend of patient-centered medical practice