Benchmark Assignment—Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

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The Organization I have chosen is the MAYO CLINIC, the program we will be adding is Healthcare  Literacy and Advocacy Center.Implementation (Word Count 850 minimum)Determine the potential barriers you anticipate and how you plan to overcome them.Create a plan for communicating your plan to all the organization’s employees.Describe market entry strategy and the procedure you plan to use to implement your strategic plan.Choose methods and strategies to support implementation processes.Evaluation and Control (Word Count 850 minimum)Determine what measurement guidelines should be used to verify strategy effectiveness.Explain when you would consider altering the strategic plan you have suggested if implementation does not go according to plans.Determine what tolerance range should be in place that would call for corrective action if exceeded.Determine what corrective action you would need to make if the organization’s performance fell outside the tolerance range.Conclusion (Word Count 250 minimum)Write a conclusion for the final section of Strategic Plan.Cite In-Text at least 5 overall peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your information for Week 6 and add combined Reference page to the Final Strategic Plan.Format your plan according to APA guidelines for Master’s Degree Academic Writing. Include an introduction, reference page and conclusion.